From Dinkelsbühl to Aufseß

Off we go in brilliant sunshine the next morning.

All packed and ready to go.

Heilsbronn holds us captive: First when we have our first coffee break of the day at Heike’s Kaffeestübchen on the village square under a cloudless blue sky. And then once more, when we take a lap of honour for an “emergency” refill of Elli whose precision instruments do not always allow for a clear estimate of how much is actually left in the tank.

Not in this picture: the construction worker with his angle grinder. Luckily, he was on a break, too.

We arrive a few minutes too late in Altdorf bei Nürnberg for the restaurant to serve us lunch. So we have a Schnitzelbrötchen from the bakery on the other side of the road insteat, enjoying the view of the beautiful timber framework of the very restaurant that wouldn’t serve us.

Finest timber framework, homicidal car drivers.

From Hohenstadt onwards we have finally reached the river Pegnitz and Franconian Switzerland. Another short break by the river at Artelshofen. Too bad we aren’t hungry yet, since the country inn “Beim Pechwirt” looks very inviting, indeed.

Between Behringersmühle and Rabeneck the river Aufseß gurgles into the river Wisent.

At today’s destination in the village Aufseß the river of the same name is more of a rivulet that purls gently and rather tame past our beer garden.

3. leg.
Daily leg: :168 miles – 👍🏼 – Middle Franconia – Franconian Switzerland – rivers Pegnitz, Wisent – Aufseß.
Accommodation:Brauereigasthof Rothenbach – double room with breakfast: 78,00 Euro.
Accommodation for the bikes::Locked garage.
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Honda NT 1100 (2022), Honda NC 750X (2016)

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