Wissembourg to home

Because of their overnight stay in the open, the bikes are covered in dew and everything is damp. We decide to continue on to Landau in search of its infamously obese children but we find none – perhaps it’s too early in the day. The towns and villages that we pass through are looking less and less dainty as we progress.

Now we are on the German whine route, but it is by far less picturesque than its Alsatian namesake. Also Neustadt an der Weinstraße sounds far nicer than it actually is. But since we’ve already ridden to the city center before we figure that out, we do stop for a coffee.

Mannheim is dull, even from a distance in its farther outskirts, so we head for the Rhine via Alzey and Bad Kreuznach towards Bingen. On the B9 we follow the “romantic” Rhine between Bingen and Boppard, where there is a different castle in view every time you come round a bend…

Lunch break at “Zum Anker” in Spay, where we are in luck again and where they offer some very good food for very reasonable prices.

We cross from Rhine to Moselle and ride through the Eifel back home.

Fourth leg

Daily leg: 184 miles – 👍🏼 – thumbs up only for the route from Bingen onwards, though.

McLibboc Written by:

Honda NT 1100 (2022), Honda NC 750X (2016)

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