The year 2018


Elli Pirelli

Season: from 01.01. to 31.12.2018
Odometer: 15.224 miles
Mileage: 6.835 miles

Starting at about 12.500 miles massive problems with ignition failures that limit the engine speed to well below 8.000 revolutions per minute, effectively turning good old Elli into a 80cc bike. Several weeks in the garage without a solution.



Season: from 31.01. bis zum 31.12.2018
Odometer: 27.600 miles
Mileage: 11.900 miles

Accessories acquired: Center stand


  • 2nd tyre change at 18.800 miles total (after just 6.400 miles for the tyres, which is only half of what the previous tyres did), new tyres are Bridgestone T30 Evo;
  • New chain and sprockets at 18.800 miles;
  • New break pad front wheel at 23.770 miles.
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Honda NT 1100 (2022), Honda NC 750X (2016)

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