How we (almost) met AndyManCam

Ever since we were dreaming of our motorcycle licenses, we have been addicted to motovlogs. One of our favourite vloggers and rising youtube star AndyManCam had just invited his followers in Germany to a meetup.

We almost didn’t go.

The weather forecast said it was going to be very hot with chances of thunderstorms. Plus the meetup location wasn’t really close by, so if we went at all it would have to be a two days affair, since Elli would not be able to cope with going there and back again in a single day.

Much soul searching ensued. Hadn’t I been the one who had asked him about a meetup in Germany in the first place? And even though he pooled resources and, presumably, follower numbers, with TeaPotOne, TheLikableRider and BulldogGaz, would there be enough of a turnout? Wouldn’t we be very disappointed later, if we chickened out now and missed our chance to meet that great bunch of vloggers at the Diemelsee in Sauerland?

So we decided, what the hell, let’s go one day early and stay a night at a campsite nearby. This could also be our test if, when going on a longer tour, camping is still an option for us.

And on we went, some thermometers we passed displayed 48°C, Elli got stung by a bee, the night in the tent was rather unpleasant but we saw a Blood Moon in conjugation with Mars (the pics all turned out rubbish) to compensate.

That went well. The night inside the tent not so much.

Our first camping test as riders wasn’t a complete failure, but we agreed that there is still plenty of room for optimisation…

The next morning, we went to the meetup location early and had breakfast.

Breakfast at the “Fährhaus”. Still not fully awake after taking down the tent in the morning heat.

McLibbocThe bunch arrived earlier than expected and when I recognised their approaching bikes, I felt way too giddy for my age and briefly wondered if I was really turning into a fanboy. But that passed quickly after exchanging a firm handshake with Bruce.

Imagine our surprise when Bruce told us Andy wasn’t with them at all, because, well, reasons. Apparently some mixup with previous professional obligations. The man is desperately in need of a secretary 🤔.

Oh well, after we managed to conceal our initial disappointment, we really did have a blast with the guys who were present. As it turned out we weren’t the ones with the longest journey (about 500 km round trip) after all. Some guys even travelled from Estonia and the Netherlands, respectively, to meet with the YT-celebs.

The Nice Guys. The Gal is not in the picture, as she’s the one taking it.

Since I have just very recently obtained some action cams myself, I was very pleased to score some really good advice from Gary about mounting the #*!§% things to the helmet. With him, I could easily switch between English and German, which got us some bewildered looks from Bruce, who does not speak German (not true anymore, he knows “Tschüss” now). So we kept the conversation in English (mainly).

I decided to get some gas for the way home, as Emma was already running on fumes, while Elli stayed behind and had a chat with TheLikeableRider, who, as it turned out, has chosen his name very aptly. They both agreed that it’s riding a bike that matters, not so much what bike it is, even if that happens to be a 125 with engine troubles for a while…

Of course, we didn’t bring our waterproofs and, of course, on our way home AndyManCam managed to cast his curse of Pouring Water from Heavens upon us even from afar:

Still, we are glad we went.

There and back again.
McLibboc Written by:

Honda NT 1100 (2022), Honda NC 750X (2016)

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